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Pit Type Tempering Furnace

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Pit Type Tempering Furnace

HST Make Pit Type furnaces are either Gas /Oil Fired or Electric Heated. In both furnaces are easy to operate & user friendly. A High Quality insulation avoid the heat loss by high furnace efficiency with rigid construction. Loading is top loading by means of crane.  These furnaces are provided either with atmosphere control or not depending upon the customer requirement. Gives the best result for the end product. Some cases for small parts these furnaces are used for Hardening Quenching Tempering process too.

Unique Features

  • Type:
    Pit Type
  • Fuel Source:
    Electrically Heated
  • Application:
    Spheroids Annealing / Gas Carburizing Furnace / Controlled Atmosphere, Tempering
  • Capacity:
    Custom Made

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