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Continuous Furnaces for Heat Treatment

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Continuous Furnaces for Heat Treatment

The roller hearth furnaces are generally used for normalizing treatments for the mass production in Steel foundry, Aluminium foundry & forging sectors, for small components that can be loaded in trays or fixture. Roller Hearth Furnaces are either Gas Fired or Electrically Heated The trays are moved forward by means of hydraulic pushers slides on Rail & Rollers provided inside the furnace. These Rails & Rollers are made in HK Grade Casting. Friction Free self revolving rollers allow the easy movement of trays in the furnace.

These furnaces are manufactures on Either Gas/Oil/Electrically Heated. A Fully Auto Controlling with PLC , SCADDA, with Level 2 Automation. Thanks to HST Technology which makes the furnace operation very easy & user friendly. All furnaces are with manufactured with ASM international standards & Thermal calibration done as per API Standard or Aviation standards

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